Changing the Layout of a Bathroom

There are several reasons to change the layout of a bathroom. Optimizing functionality is the most common reason homeowners ask us to change the layout of their space. Cosmetic updates may also be a reason to change the layout of a bathroom.

Decades ago, bathrooms were designed to ensure modesty. Divider walls between tubs, showers, and toilets were and still are quite common. The use of frosted glass or heavy patterned shower curtains not only guarantee privacy but also hide everything in your shower and tub from view.

Current bathroom styles and trends call for a bright open floorplan, showcasing detailed tile installation. Divider walls are removed, or smaller knee walls take their place, allowing light to better reflect in the space. Shower glass is frameless and clear. Larger tiles are used more commonly to make the space appear larger.

In this project, the original layout was fragmented and not functional. The primary concerns from the homeowner include:

  1. Water closet (toilet) is too small and cramped.
  2. Tub is outdated and bulky.
  3. Shower is small and outdated.
  4. Three separate vanities take up too much space.
  5. The closet was not functional with bulky cabinets, low lighting and lack of usable space.
  6. The flooring is outdated.

Bathroom Before



Bathroom After

We tackled these issues by designing a new layout.

  1. The once undersized water closet became a second closet for the homeowner to use.
  2. The toilet moved to the old shower location, with a knee wall added.
  3. A large single vanity takes the place of three smaller vanities.
  4. The large corner tub is replaced with a freestanding tub.
  5. The shower is relocated with the size maximized.
  6. The main closet is reconfigured with a less bulky closet system, eliminating heavy corner shelving.
  7. New LVP flooring and updated fixtures throughout.

Footprint change

The main closet got a facelift as well, to remove all of the old bulky cabinetry and corner shelving. A new ceiling LED can light replaced a wall mounted fluorescent light. Since the bathroom redesign added extra storage where the water closet used to be, there is now plenty of space for these homeowners!

Closet Before

Closet After

The result is an updated, spacious master bathroom retreat addressing all of the homeowner’s concerns!

Shower Before

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