Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

There are times when a remodeling project turns out better than you anticipated. This is one of those times! The homeowner had several inspiration photos but ultimately elected to tap into our design services for final selections and to make it all happen. 

Quite a bit of detail goes into designing a bathroom. The original bathroom vanity, at 70”, was too big for this room. There is another bathroom on this floor, so we elected to reduce the vanity from two sinks to one reducing the overall length to 60”. 


Vanity wall before remodel

Original bathroom, vanity wall

Removing the “popcorn” ceilings was a must! The shiplap wall made perfect sense to introduce character and to brighten the bathroom. The paint color, Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams, is actually the same color originally used. I’ve found that this color will pick up and reflect colors already in the room, changing its appearance to coordinate and pull colors together perfectly. Relocating the vanity lighting from wall mount to pendants saves from having dedicated placement through the shiplap wall and also offers a more updated look. I love the way pendant lighting reflects light in a space and frequently use this placement in bathrooms and kitchens when the overall design allows. 

Vanity Wall After Remodel

Vanity wall after working our magic!

Details, details, details! Our in-house tile division loves to work in some custom projects from time to time! Here, we found some trays to use at the vanity. Extra floor tile was used at the inside of the tray to tie in the décor scheme. I am very particular as it relates to balance and symmetry in projects. This is the perfect way to balance the patterned tile that is the focal point of this bathroom. 


Vanity Trays

All about the details!

The original one-piece tub/shower was functional but outdated. I wanted to make a high impact change in the bathroom at the alcove tub/shower which can often look and feel small. Also, the transition between a strong pattern on the floor to the tub needed to be as seamless as possible. The space in the alcove is enough to support the Kohler Expanse tub, one of my newer favorites when a freestanding tub cannot be used but there is ample space for a larger tub. Also, the tile is taken to the end of each wall and all the way to the ceiling instead of keeping a standard tile profile. Schluter edging is used, in white, to create an invisible edge to the tile. Taking this into account results in a tub area that looks and feels twice as large as it did originally! 

Original TubOriginal tub/shower


Tub after remodel

Double niches for shower vs tub use

Speaking of details, this cape cod style home has nooks and crannies galore. The dormer area is the perfect spot for a towel bar, and the accent table is kept small so that the area is not overpowered by a piece of furniture. A solar-powered lantern that follows the shapes found in the floor tile is added to the accent table to act as an automatic night light. 

I use many different vanities when designing a bathroom. You might look through articles on this website and see the same vanity used again and again…. I don’t push to use any one brand or style of vanity. It just so happens that most homeowners love the white craftsman style vanity and I agree in most projects. Plus, I have the “in” on great quality cabinets at a reasonable price! The vanity used in this project however, will soon become my new favorite, and it is not my typical go-to cabinet. The quality is amazing, perhaps even a step above cabinets I typically use. I believe in high quality at reasonable prices, and this vanity might tread on the very edge of my comfort level when it comes to price. It belonged in this bathroom, so it had to be added! 

Bathroom Remodel - Door View

Beautiful vanity and shower tile taken to edge of wall

Plumbing fixtures. I am frequently asked my opinion on plumbing fixtures. Again, I am somewhat budget-minded when it comes to remodeling projects, when it does not affect quality. For that reason, I often recommend Delta products even though I have no affiliation with them other than a long history of using their great products. Cheaper products tend to cause problems when it comes time to find replacement parts or tap into a warranty. With Delta, they are easy to work with and never retire parts for their products. I’m pretty sure our plumbing division has ordered parts to repair the first Delta faucets ever installed. That might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. The price is what I would consider mid-point. More expensive luxury plumbing fixtures might offer some different appearances, but I could also tell you stories from our plumbing division on trying to order parts or tap into warranties that would make you cringe. The Delta Stryke collection was used for this bathroom. Matte black at the shower and stainless steel for the vanity faucet. Different finishes, you say? Yes! It’s not for every project, but I often use different finishes in the same room. Here at this vanity, I specifically wanted a black top to the vanity. A black faucet on a black top would not be cohesive to the design. The vanity came with stainless steel finish cabinet and door handles, as well as stainless steel feet on the vanity, so the stainless faucet just plain works. 

Overhead view of vanity

Overhead view of vanity

The mirror, in an octagon shape, completes this bathroom. Perhaps that is just my personal opinion, as I love when I am able to introduce shapes and textures into a room that might otherwise end up boring and drab. I pondered way too long on the right shape for this mirror, by the way. 

Vanity closeup

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