Custom Shower

On Trend Tile & Custom Finishes For Your Bathroom Remodel

There are times when standard fixtures and finishes just won’t do! This homeowner had a vision that we executed with precision. The original footprint included a bulky corner tub and an uninviting shower. We swapped locations, placing the new freestanding tub where the enclosed acrylic shower used to be and creating an amazing shower with a ... More Bathroom Remodel

Transforming a Master Bathroom

We often see bathrooms built around standard-sized materials, resulting in inadequate use of space. In this master bathroom, the drop-in tub forced the need for a short knee wall that in turn led to an odd space between the shower and tub that was difficult to clean. This larger than average bathroom had poor use of space!   ... More

Finished Bathroom Removed Divider Wall

Master Bathroom Remodel – Let There Be Light!

A common request hears from homeowners is to remove or reduce divider walls between the tub and shower and to replace those bulky jetted tubs with a sleek freestanding tub. Updating the entire bathroom with updated and functional fixtures and finishes, as well as utilizing the space properly, will result in a beautiful ... More

Improve Master Bathroom Space

Improving the Space in Your Master Bathroom

These homeowners needed better use of existing space to make their bathroom feel larger, without moving the core fixtures or expanding the footprint. Our solution includes reducing the divider wall to a knee wall.   The framed shower glass and acrylic shower insert were bulky and outdated. The shower is replaced with large ... More

Master Bathroom or Spa Retreat?

You can have both! This large master bathroom had a small shower and a large corner tub. The gold finishes were outdated. The mirrors were large and positioned opposite each other, resulting in a “mirror effect.” The layout seemed cramped for such a large space, and there was no room for a towel bar outside the shower. To remedy ... More

Electrical Holiday Safety

The holiday season is upon us! Our wish to you is the knowledge of electrical safety. Many of us enjoy decorating or viewing lights and décor of all kind during the holiday season. Here are our top tips for holiday electrical safety. Tip #1 Ensure that the lights and decorations you’re using outside were intended for outside use. Keep ... More

Quick tips on how to save on your utility bill

Tis the season for higher utility bills. Most homeowners recognize an increase on their electric utility bill once the temperatures start dropping and fluctuating dramatically.  Fortunately, there are some universal ways any homeowner can save on their electric bill. LED Lighting-  LED lightbulbs have become popular for their energy ... More

Remodeling a Master Bathroom

These homeowners, having recently purchased their home, decided to update fixtures and finishes for an updated and modern look. Updated tile and matte black fixtures are front and center to this bathroom. Additionally, the recessed shower and odd knee wall projection is changed to make a perfectly level surface from the shower wall to tub ... More

Creating a Bathroom Oasis

One project leads to another! This homeowner wanted a larger kitchen and an updated master bathroom. Due to the layout of the home, gaining more kitchen space meant changing the laundry room to act as an extension to the kitchen. The laundry moved to the oversized master bathroom by borrowing some space from the neighboring oversized powder ... More

Changing the Layout of a Bathroom

There are several reasons to change the layout of a bathroom. Optimizing functionality is the most common reason homeowners ask us to change the layout of their space. Cosmetic updates may also be a reason to change the layout of a bathroom. Decades ago, bathrooms were designed to ensure modesty. Divider walls between tubs, showers, and ... More