Cracking grout in your bathroom?

Whether you are a in a newly built home or a home from the 1930’s, cracking grout can mean many different things.  The main culprit of cracked grout between tiles is deflection, the movement between two surfaces, most commonly in walk ways on floor tiling.  Another reason that grout can crack could be the type of grout used, moisture ... More

Transforming a Bathroom with a Soft Color Palate

This home was built in the 1980’s and the homeowner wanted a practical and timeless design to maximize space and lighten this bathroom. In this picture, we see how the capsule-shaped shower with its enclosed shower and walled-in linen cabinet is anything but inviting. The plank style floor tile makes the room feel bigger by the ... More

Guest Bathroom Upgrade

Here at, our remodeling division frequently renovates master bathrooms and kitchens. We love when a guest bathroom project comes our way! This bathroom was quite outdated, with striped wallpaper and brass finishes. Our focal point for this project was the shower. We took the tile up to the ceiling, installed a new modern ... More

Remodeling a Master Bathroom

These homeowners had water damage to the floor below when multiple plumbing failures occurred in the original bathroom. When faced with major repairs, the homeowners decided to upgrade the bathroom to improve the flow in style and décor at their already beautifully remodeled home. The homeowner wanted a wet room look, keeping the space ... More

Smart, Integrated Doorbell

The future of home security is here.  From cameras, motion sensors to doorbells – home security and peace of mind is much easier to achieve than it has been in decades past.  The newest market trend, door bells with integrated audio, video and motion sensing are paving a new frontier on home security.  Wifi is needed at the home in order ... More

Master Bathroom Transformation

The homeowners put in significant thought to the perfect layout for their master bathroom. Originally containing a corner tub and small walk in shower stall, the tub took up quite a bit of real estate in this room. Additionally, the divider wall between the vanity and tub along with three additional doorways in the bathroom, made for cramped ... More

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Remodeling Emergency!

It isn’t often that is called to address an emergency. Most of our work is structured around kitchen and bathroom remodels, tile installation, routine home maintenance, and home repairs. Our plumbers at and often work beside the crew at, except in this ... More

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Upgrading Builder Grade Finishes

The team at, a division of and, can handle your home improvement or repair project! We often have homeowners that look for ways to increase the beauty of their home without breaking the bank. These projects are so much fun! In this project, it was easy to take builder-grade ... More

Updating a half bathroom in Raleigh, NC

Who says the guest bath can’t be just as fun to update as larger spaces in a home?  This customer purchased a new home and was ready to give this bathroom a new look.  We enjoy working with homeowners with their remodel projects, providing varying levels of assistance More

Master bath after remodel - NCHomeRemodeling

Updating a Master Bathroom

Master bathroom remodels are one of our favorite types of projects!  Homeowners wish to update Master Bathrooms for a variety of reasons. Updating to achieve a new look and better utilization of space, preparing a home to sell, or providing accessibility as needs change. can accommodate any size bathroom remodel, whether ... More