Master Bathroom Transformation

The homeowners put in significant thought to the perfect layout for their master bathroom. Originally containing a corner tub and small walk in shower stall, the tub took up quite a bit of real estate in this room. Additionally, the divider wall between the vanity and tub along with three additional doorways in the bathroom, made for cramped ... More

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Remodeling Emergency!

It isn’t often that is called to address an emergency. Most of our work is structured around kitchen and bathroom remodels, tile installation, routine home maintenance, and home repairs. Our plumbers at and often work beside the crew at, except in this ... More

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Upgrading Builder Grade Finishes

The team at, a division of and, can handle your home improvement or repair project! We often have homeowners that look for ways to increase the beauty of their home without breaking the bank. These projects are so much fun! In this project, it was easy to take builder-grade ... More

Updating a half bathroom in Raleigh, NC

Who says the guest bath can’t be just as fun to update as larger spaces in a home?  This customer purchased a new home and was ready to give this bathroom a new look.  We enjoy working with homeowners with their remodel projects, providing varying levels of assistance More

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Updating a Master Bathroom

Master bathroom remodels are one of our favorite types of projects!  Homeowners wish to update Master Bathrooms for a variety of reasons. Updating to achieve a new look and better utilization of space, preparing a home to sell, or providing accessibility as needs change. can accommodate any size bathroom remodel, whether ... More

Updating a 1980’s Kitchen

There are many things to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Budget, design, and functionality are the most common. Kitchen remodels typically yield a return on investment (ROI) between 65%-90%. Mid-range remodels, such as refacing existing surfaces, typically yield 65% ROI. A major kitchen remodel could yield 90% ROI or more. When determ... More

see our work - latest raleigh bathroom remodel

See Our Work: Our latest bathroom remodel!

So many of our customers here in the Triangle area approach us with concerns about the appearance of their home before putting it on the market. They know that potential buyers often look for concessions to be made when they know the home will require a significant amount of updating. For this reason, an outdated home will fetch a lower ... More

Kitchen Remodel in Raleigh

This post is from our sister website, NC Home Remodeling.  NC Home Remodeling in Raleigh is an expert at taking out-of-date kitchens and putting a plan in action to maximize the potential of the space. We always want to take into account the client’s vision for their kitchen, as well. In the case below, the owner wanted to remodel the ... More

See Our Work: Classic Bathroom Remodel Project in Raleigh

At here in Raleigh we hear a recurring complaint when it comes to bathrooms with this following design: A common bathroom footprint has the shower and bathtub side by side, with a divider wall separating the space. The common complaints are lack of light, feeling closed in, and having to duck under a bulky shower ... More

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See Our Work: 100-year-old Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

At we work to restore great homes throughout the Raleigh area, whether they're modern, or even historic. We have experience with all eras and styles of homes that North Carolina has to offer. This homeowner saw the beauty and potential in this 100 year old farmhouse and she asked us to make her vision a reality, while ... More