When Water Damage Prompts a Bathroom Remodel

At NCHomeRemodeling.com, a division of NCWaterHeaters.com, we often see water damage as the precursor to a remodeling project. Failed shower pan liners, tub, vanity and toilet leaks, and cracked tile flooring are the most common reasons homeowners we work with consider a bathroom remodel.
Imagine glancing at the ceiling below your bathroom and realizing there is a leak. The worry and stress starts to build almost immediately. You start calling professionals to assess the damage, only to find that the recommendations range from one end of the spectrum to the other depending on who you talk to.

At the start of the project, water damage prompted remodeling.

We prefer to present all options and also make sure you understand the options, time and cost involved. This homeowner decided it was time to proceed with a full remodel of the bathroom after a leak was found, and already had a vision in mind. Our job consisted of implementing that vision, providing technical and design feedback throughout the project, and making sure the end result would be spectacular!
The homeowner selected neutral greys throughout the bathroom, a smart move! Even if they are not ready to sell their home, keeping a neutral palette will appeal to the majority of potential home buyers in the future. The neutral palette also allows for several choices in accent colors, should the homeowner wish to introduce colors later down the road without the expense of changing any of the major fixtures and finishes. Frequent communication and recommendations resulted in a spectacular new bathroom!

After – neutral and clean, a spa-like retreat!

NCHomeRemodeling.com, a division of NCWaterHeaters.com, believes that each bathroom we remodel is important whether you need a minor repair or update or choose to move forward with a full remodel, we strive to be your first choice for all of your plumbing, electrical, and home remodeling needs. Serving Raleigh and surrounding areas, call us today for your free estimate. (919) 868-3585.