Cracking grout in your bathroom?

Whether you are a in a newly built home or a home from the 1930’s, cracking grout can mean many different things.  The main culprit of cracked grout between tiles is deflection, the movement between two surfaces, most commonly in walk ways on floor tiling.  Another reason that grout can crack could be the type of grout used, moisture behind the tiles, or even just normal movement and restriction in your home due to changing seasons and weather pressure.

When cracked grout becomes a problem, it is no longer doing its job.  Grout is used to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface and to fill the spaces between tiles to create a timeless, seamless look.  Loose or cracked grout can allow moisture to enter causing damage and is not visually appealing. Grout ages just like everything else in the home and requires periodic maintenance. 

Our tile team recommends sealing grout on an annual basis, particularly if it is in a shower. This can be done by the homeowner by cleaning the shower, allowing the shower to dry completely, and applying grout sealer. Once the sealer has dried completely, wipe the haze from the tile. If you notice recurrence of mildew or staining on the grout even with routine gentle cleaning, there could be an underlying issue that will need to be addressed.

While sealing or replacing grout doesn’t seem like too daunting of a task, a skilled professional is best hired for the job. Knowing the early signs of moisture penetration beneath the tile, when to seal and when to re-grout, and using the right materials goes hand in hand to ensuring that maintenance or repair is completed accurately. 

Before determining if replacing grout or resealing is the best solution, decide if any other upgrades can be accomplished while you’re putting time and money into the room.  What better time to take on a remodel? From tile, shower enclosures, faucets, lighting and toilets we can make your bathroom look its best. is a division of proudly serving Raleigh and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (919) 868-3585 for a free estimate.