Electrical Holiday Safety

The holiday season is upon us! Our wish to you is the knowledge of electrical safety. Many of us enjoy decorating or viewing lights and décor of all kinds during the holiday season.

Here are our top tips for holiday electrical safety.

Tip #1

Ensure that the lights and decorations you’re using outside were intended for outside use. Keep all lights and extension cords away from pooling water.  It is safest to use a fiberglass ladder rather than a metal ladder that can conduct electricity. Make sure your source of electricity is a GFCI rated outlet.

Tip #2

Using LED lights can help stunt electrical hazards. LED lights use less energy and run on a cooler temperature than incandescent lights.  Turn off electrical lights and décor when leaving the home and before going to sleep. Never string more than three strands of incandescent lights together, connecting more than three strands can cause fires or trip circuit breakers.

Tip #3

Overloaded outlets and faulty wires add to the rising statistic of household holiday fires. Prevent overloading your outlets by investing in a high-rated surge protector plug adapter. 

Tip #4

Always check all decorations and lights prior to installation. Check for cracks in the wiring, loose prongs on the plug and signs of wear and tear. Once all decorations and lights are inspected, ensure that all outlets are stable and have no signs of faultiness. We also recommend knowing the amperage rating of the extension cord needed for your holiday décor.

Following electrical safety, using common sense and having a holiday decorating plan will ensure you are taking all the precautions for your household and the safety of others. Festive décor is something we all enjoy, the goal is to decorate safely year after year. 

When you come across electrical inconsistencies in your home, give us a call and let NCHomeElectric.com a subsidiary of NCHomeRemodeling.com take care of the issue. We provide a licensed, knowledgeable and caring technician to ensure your home is electrically safe.